VMware Vs. KVM: OpenStack Hypervisor Race Heats Up

This article was originally published by InformationWeek on December 18, 2013. KVM, the default hypervisor in OpenStack cloud software, faces increasing competition from VMware ESX Server. Mirantis cofounder Boris Renski puts the race in context.

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Installing VMware’s OpenStack Virtual Appliance in VMware Fusion – TechTalk Video

In this tips and tricks TechTalk I walk you through installing VMware’s OpenStack Virtual Appliance (VOVA) on your laptop.  This is a tip of the cap to Kenneth Hui’s post over on cloudarchitectmusings.com.  He wrote a pretty good step-by-step guide to deploying the VOVA on a laptop.

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 ヴイエムウェアは9月18日、8月下旬にサンフランシスコで開催したイベント「VMworld 2013」で発表されたコンセプトや製品群についての説明会を開催。ヴイエムウェア代表取締役社長の三木泰雄氏、米VMwareのネットワーク担

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