Oracle swallows Corente, hopes to kick rivals in software networking bits

Oracle is buying software defined networking specialist Corente, upping the stakes in telecoms and cloud. Corente makes software to manage and provision applications and services regardless of IP network, transport type, access, security or provider over a wide area.



Oracle gobbles Corente al dente, belches clouds of cloud buzzwords

In an announcement laden with the incantations of a tech-trendy witchdoctor – SDN! WAN! Cloud Services Exchange! – Oracle has acquired data networking biz Corente.


Exalogic、Enterprise ManagerがNimbula、OpenStack API対応へ

 米オラクルは2013年9月24日、「Nimbula Director」と「OpenStack API」の「Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud(Exalogic)」への統合を発表した。  Exalogicは、オラクルが「エンジニアドシステム」と呼ぶ、垂直統合型サーバアプライアンス製