OpenStack HeatがCloud-Init / cfntoolsと連携する様子を覗きこむ

執筆中。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 Heatとは? HeatはAWSのCloudFormation的な仕組みをOpenStack上で実現するコンポーネントです。単一インスタンスの自動セットアップであれば、カスタマイズスクリプト(UserData)に任意の


Autoscaling with Heat and Ceilometer

Like AWS CloudFormation, Heat allows to create auto scaling stacks. In order to do this, some metrics need to be retrieved from your VM and some actions need to be triggered when a specified event occurs on these metrics. These actions are usually upscaling (create some new VMs) or downscaling (destroy some VMs). In OpenStack Grizzly, a simplistic system was… Read more ⇒

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